OOOOH looking mad fly 

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Derek Jeter March 18, 2014.



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"did you… read my letter, bitch?” 



Rest In Peace. A boy from Oil City, Jensin Potts, passed away while running at baseball from a cardiac arrest on Thursday last week. His friends and family are still devastated. Jensin’s dream was to meet Derek Jeter. Please go on twitter and help #derekjeternoticejensin trend. It would mean a lot. Thanks. 🙏💙 please also REBLOG to spread the word. It takes 3 seconds and it’s for a great cause.

And that’s a fact!

From day dreams to retirement. 

Look at the bright side, guys! Derek’s retiring and Alex Rodriguez is nowhere in sight to fuck anything up. 

Derek Jeter: The most painful retirement you’ll ever see.

Thank you, Derek, for the 22 years you have blessed Yankee fans with. Each and every waking moment, you’ve been hastily climbing up the Yankee ladder, dominating fields, collecting wins, and leaving behind a wonderfully painted and massive road of memories along the way.No team has had a better shortstop, captain, player, infielder, or even person in general.

Your bountiful acts of charity, your class, work ethic, and play make you the icon that you are. And despite the tears that are flowing down millions of cheeks at this very moment because of the inability to grasp the sudden but expected leave, I’d like to once again say thank you, captain, for all that you’ve given us! #LongLiveTheCaptain